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Lumbar Support Can Be Harmful To Your Health!


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It’s Back... The Groundbreaking,
Most Comprehensive Text
on Posture and Seating!

          “’s one book you won’t want to be
            without....I would recommend this
            comprehensive text to all.”
                          —Stephen Hehir in Ergonomics Australia

Dennis Zacharkow's classic text Posture: Sitting, Standing,
Chair Design & Exercise was ahead of its time when first
published in 1988, challenging traditional concepts such as
lumbar support, while establishing new scientific principles
for healthy posture and seating.

Among the book’s groundbreaking contents are:            

        • Analyzing sitting and standing as a spontaneous
          search for postural stability.
        • The overlooked influence of the thoracic spine
          on posture and seating.
        • The importance of sacral and lower thoracic
           support in chair design.
        • The close relationship of faulty sitting and
           standing postures.
        • Differentiating the rectus abdominis, and its
           potentially adverse effects on posture,
           from the important postural abdominal muscles.
        • A detailed critique of traditional fitness exercises.
        • The reintroduction of the brilliant research on
           school seating from the late 19th century and
           early 20th century. These forgotten works
           are indispensable today for analyzing all
           posture and seating situations.

Still considered the definitive work on posture
and seating, Zacharkow’s text is essential reading
for anyone desiring a thorough understanding
of the dynamics of sitting and standing, and the
major impact of posture and seating on one’s health.

About the Author

  A former rehabilitation specialist in physical
therapy at the Mayo Clinic, Dennis Zacharkow 
is the author of four books and several articles
on posture and seating.

433 Pages  
     190 Illustrations       6 Tables       Approx. 1000 References

Chapter Titles:
Chapter 1: Standing Posture
Chapter 2: Unsupported Sitting Postures
Chapter 3: Instability of Sitting
Chapter 4: Comfort, Fatigue, and Productivity
Chapter 5: Pressure Distribution
Chapter 6: School Seating
Chapter 7: Motor Vehicle Seating
Chapter 8: The Office Workstation
Chapter 9: Alternative Chair Designs
Chapter 10: Seating for the Elderly: Easy Chairs
Chapter 11: Disabled Seating: The Wheelchair and Pressure Sores
Chapter 12: Exercise and Design Implications

Reviews from the Original Hardcover Edition:

"A valuable, accessible work on a subject of universal interest."
     - Reference & Research Book News

"... well produced, extremely legible text... Given the breadth of
citation in this volume I deem this as a reasonable purchase for
the next 50 years."

    - Dr. James MacGregor in Paraplegia

"... it's one book you won't want to be without... this is a well-referenced
text with over 50 pages of bibliography... I would recommend this
comprehensive text to all."

   - Stephen Hehir in Ergonomics Australia

A Note from Author Dennis Zacharkow, PT

Just after going out of print in 2007, the few remaining copies of the hardcover edition of my book were selling for $400 to $700 on the internet.

After receiving many calls from individuals unable to obtain my book, I arranged with my publisher for this special 20th Anniversary Softcover Edition. The much reduced price is $84.95 plus shipping & packing.

I am excited to see the interest in posture and seating grow over the last twenty years, but unfortunately so have the misconceptions.

I hope new readers of my book benefit from it as much as I did from the once in a lifetime experience of researching and writing it.

Best of Health,
Dennis Zacharkow

P.S. With each order for my 20th Anniversary text, I have arranged to include the other three publications that are part of my Posture & Seating Collection, at no additional cost. Please see the order form for details.
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