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YogaBack Testimonials

The YogaBack support is a life saver in my car.  As an orthopedic medicine practitioner and yoga teacher, I am so glad that finally someone is thinking "outside the box": maintenance of the lumbar curve alone is not enough to support correct posture and diaphragmatic breathing!
Creating lift from the sacral and lower thoracic spine is the key for effortless elongation of the spine in its natural curvatures.  The ability to easily customize your support for your body with movable foam inserts without professional help is a great asset as well. 
I recommend the YogaBack to all my patients who need a back support in their vehicles.

Gail Dubinsky, M.D.


I heartily recommend the YogaBack as the best car seat support I have found in my 30 years as a health care practitioner.  From the first moment I tried it, I felt like I was sitting up straighter than ever before in my car seat, without any effort.
I have used it religiously for several months and wouldn't be without one. I love the unique dual support that actually relieves tension and pain.  My patients love it, too.  The YogaBack has found a widespread application in my chiropractic practice.
Thanks YogaBack,
Dr. James Forleo
Chiropractor, Colorado
Author of Health is Simple, Disease is Complicated


This is the most effective product on the market for providing optimal postural support while driving; preventing neck, shoulder, and lower back pain.  As an occupational therapist and therapeutic massage therapist, I know the importance of adequate postural support, and realize that lumbar supports alone actually distort posture.  I have been using the YogaBack for years and I recommend it to all my clients.
Thank you for such an exceptional product!

Lily Fuller, OT NCTMB
HEALTHTOUCH Massage & Bodywork
Temecula, CA

    I'm a big fan of the YogaBack product.  I've used it myself to alleviate neck and back pain.  I often recommend them to my patients suffering from pain due to postural control problems, poor control of spinal stability, and difficulty with prolonged driving.

Greg Specht PT, OCS, ATC, CSCS
Physical Therapist, Massachusetts


          Read the literature.  YogaBack makes sense.  I use it myself and recommend it for many of my clients, especially for use in the car.  People are amazed that the car seat can be made much better with some adjustments and the YogaBack. Durable product, good price, good service.

Beth Anne Pochopien, OTR
Occupational Therapist
Augusta, Maine


The YogaBack cushion has been terrific!  I have a history of myofascial-type pain in my upper back and neck that is usually brought on and exacerbated by sitting at the computer or driving.
During the 1700 mile cross-country drive, I didn't have one episode of the upper back myofascial pain.  I have no doubt it is because of the postural corrections supported by the YogaBack. 
I am a believer.

Brian Schreck, PT
Physical Therapist, Washington


I've been looking for a good back support for a number of years.  Unfortunately, I have spent a lot of time investigating supports, and a lot of money testing out various types.  When I finally found the YogaBack, my search ended.  It gives my back great relief, especially while driving.
Last weekend, I took a 4 hour car trip and had no aches or stiffness at the end of the day.  I couldn't believe how good I felt.  I ordered my second one within a week of receiving the first for my desk chair.  I am very impressed with this product and am glad to give my seal of approval!

Jeanne Rosenblatt
New York

I've used the YogaBack since 2007 when my physical therapist recommended I take a look at this web site.  Ongoing back problems grew worse when I began making long distance car trips to see family (4-6 hours each way).  Chiropractic and P.T. care helped but the difference the YogaBack made on the first trip was so dramatic,  I was relieved and amazed.  I use it when I drive, ride as a passenger, and fly on planes.  My back doesn't hurt while I'm driving.
The information on the website is detailed, helpful, and true to my experience using the YogaBack.  The company is responsive, helpful, friendly, and committed to their products from years of experience and research.
I recommend the YogaBack to anyone who has experienced back pain, especially from driving a car.

Cynthia McArthur
St Paul, MN


Thank you YogaBack, for an excellent product.  I am a 24 year police veteran, and after searching years for a descent sitting back support system, I found one in your product. 
Years of wearing a heavy duty belt, standing and walking on hard surfaces, sitting for hours in a patrol car, etc., have caused me my share of backaches.
Your product has provided a big relief when I have to sit for long hours at a time, and it has helped with my overall posture. 
I would recommend your product to anyone.

Frank G.
Monterey, California

I do a lot of long-distance driving, and I have noticed since I got the YogaBack how less fatigued I am at the end of a 7-8 hour drive.
Last weekend I drove straight through from Alabama to North Carolina (6 hours) without stopping, and I was not tired at all!
I fell in love with my ZackBack chair, and absolutely knew this would be great for my car.  I was right!
I love these products!  Keep up the great work!

Melanie Thorn
Birmingham, Alabama


The following 2 testimonials were sent to Carol Meade, LMT of Holistic Therapies in Wallingford, Connecticut, from two of her clients:

I just wanted to tell you a big thank you for recommending the YogaBack to me a few months ago.  I use it in the car I drive and it has made a huge difference in the comfort level of my back while driving. It gives just the right support where it is needed.  My back has never felt better while driving, I'd say, for the past 25 years.  It's definitely worth the money!

Mary W.

    I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my purchase of the YogaBack!  It has given me so much relief at work, helping me to get through my days whether they be the normal 8 hours or much longer.  I spend so much time on the computer, it is such a strain on my back, and this product makes me feel like I'm on a new chair, thereby reducing the strain on me more than I could ever have anticipated.
Thanks so much for turning me on to this wonderful product!

Karn M.

In the nine years my wife and I have been retired, we have enjoyed car trips near and far around the United States.
However, that enjoyment came to a very painful end for me in early October 2009, on the second day of a trip from our home here in Oregon to Springfield, Massachusetts.
That day I started to have low back pain that took my breath away and left me often in tears. This pain continued all the way to Springfield and never let up on our return. Why me? I was in too much pain to wonder.
Three or four days before our trip to Houston, Texas and then on to Sanford, Florida, my YogaBack arrived.
Thanks to using my YogaBack while driving, and on the passenger side, I had not one moment, not one second of back pain the entire trip!
This is a testimonial, the first I have ever written. This is really more of a thank you to the people behind the development of YogaBack.
I urge anyone who sits for long periods of time: office workers, cab drivers, truck drivers, drivers of anything-- drive with a YogaBack. It will save your back the way it saved mine.
   Thanks again,
   Gale Holt
   Klamath Falls, OR


Three years ago I broke my tailbone while sledding. After that, I was always in pain and uncomfortable, especially while sitting. Three chiropractors, one occupational therapist, one massage therapist, one primary care physician, and several tailbone cushions later, I was still in pain. Then my sister gave me a YogaBack. It is the only thing that relieved the discomfort, and it happened almost immediately. It supports me in such a way that it takes the pressure off my tailbone, which has allowed it to heal. Thank you so much!

New Hampshire


YogaBack is a fantastic product! Usually after one hour in the car my back would get stiff and sore. This past summer we had a long car trip planned. I was very apprehensive about going, to the point of contemplating cancelling, because of my low back issues. I happened up YogaBack in an online search and thought I would give it a shot. What a difference it made! After the first day I was hooked. I subsequently spent a lovely 2 weeks driving around the Pacific Northwest, and no pain at the end of 8 or 9 hours in the car, both as passenger and driving. I highly recommend this product to anyone with back pain.

M. O'Shaughnessy


... another reason the YogaBack is really good for me is because I have pretty severe lung damage (late stage emphysema) and without the YogaBack it's impossible to keep a good posture for breathing. Your YogaBack is great for this reason - no other back support provides this, nor do they alleviate the car seat back pains like yours does.

Thank you so much for your product!
Best regards,
Lu Gray

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