Here is what leading magazines have to say about ZACKBACK®
...the definitive Posture Chair:

"...the ZACKBACK combines a scientist's knowledge of machinery with a yogi's appreciation of the body to create a "seating system" that relieves chronic pain, improves posture and stimulates better breathing."
        Accounting Today
        December 19, 2005 - January 8, 2006

"The ZACKBACK Chair... takes sitting to a scientific level."
"The revolutionary result: a straight spine without the work."
        ELLE Magazine
        June 2000

"...the star is the ZACKBACK, a must for RSI sufferers."
        Southern California Computer Currents
        November 1999

"Man, this chair's got back!"
"It's better than a chiropractor's fees, pain, and surgery - and hey, it looks cool, too."
        December 1998

"...provides excellent lower and upper back support.  It is extremely comfortable to sit in, not like a big cushioned chair that offers little or no support."
        November/December 1998

"When I finally eased into my ZACKBACK® chair, 40 percent of my pain went away."
        Robert Luhn
        March 3, 1998

"... the ZACKBACK is built like a Mercedes-Benz. Needless to say, the ZACKBACK has done wonders for me. I have been able to increase my daily productivity, but just as important, the quality of my life has substantially improved since I began using it. If you have a back, neck or carpal tunnel syndrome problem, I cannot recommend the ZACKBACK enough. Do yourself a favor and look into the details..."
        Ed Walker, Editor
        May 1997

"I experienced a whiplash injury several years ago, and one thing I especially like about the [ZACKBACK] chair is the way it puts my neck into a comfortable position." "...I can sit in it comfortably for longer than I could in any previous desk chair..."
        Tonya Engst, Editor
        August 4, 1997

"...the chair most Macworld staffers use, the ZACKBACK Computer Posture Chair." "...a posture-friendly chair could be the best office equipment investment you make."
        May 1996

ZACKBACK® Testimonials...

     "The ZACKBACK Posture Chair is the best investment you can make in a workstation chair. It's an innovative seating concept that really works to improve posture and reduce pain. Its quality and durability will make it last a lifetime."
            Liz Henry, PT, OCS
            Westside Dance Physical Therapy
            New York, NY

     "I can never express my gratitude for this wonderful product that you have. Both with lumbar and thoracic pain, I have found this chair not only to help with good posture, but because of the adjustable parts it fits me personally and helps with my day to day pain.
     Thank you for looking after us women who are in the work world! THANK YOU FOR A GREAT PRODUCT."
            Teresa A. Conway
            Greenville, NC

     "I've been using the ZACKBACK chair for about three months now. I no longer have to crack my neck and back every morning when I wake up. People tell me I look taller and more elegant because my posture is better. I've noticed this dramatic difference even when I walk, or sit in other chairs. I don't slump like I did before. Better posture always makes you look more confident and people take notice.
     Along with better posture and less pressure to my joints, my chronic asthma has not been acting up as much. Because I stand taller, my airways have opened up. You don't realize what a difference a good chair can make in your life style, health and beauty, until you make that change for the better."
            Rhonda Zayas
            Creative Director
            Animation Magazine

      "Your chair saved my work life, literally. I was an injured worker with arm repetitive strain injuries and lumbar degenerative disc disease. After I used the chair I could understand why a consummate professional ergonomic evaluator had recommended it. I sit comfortably all day long working 8 to 10 hours per day.
      I had a serious lesson about how important the chair was to my survival at work when I had to work without it for about six weeks. The ordinary office chair I used just could not measure up. I experienced an excruciatingly painful exacerbation of my back problems until I got my chair back. Voilà! After two weeks with the right chair, my ZACKBACK, my back was doing well again.
      God bless you and your company for providing such a valuable product and service to those who must make their living at a desk and computer."
            Marie E. MacGinnis Dawkins
            San Francisco, CA

      ". . . this chair has been a lifesaver for my back."
            Nancy Spain
            Madison, WI

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