Pain Driving? ... Blame Your Car's Harmful Backrest Design!

Forget about Lumbar Support... "YogaBack Your Posture" ™

Compressed Spine and Protruding Abdomen with Lumbar Support
The YogaBack Solution since 1992

Dennis Zacharkow, PT

Exposing the fallacy of lumbar support, YogaBack™ was developed by former Mayo Clinic physical therapist Dennis Zacharkow - the originator of Sacral-Lower Thoracic Support and author of the classic 1988 textbook Posture: Sitting, Standing, Chair Design & Exercise.

Why "YogaBack Your Posture"? - Because Driving is the #1 Cause of Back Pain & Distorted Posture!

YogaBack Rejuvenates Your Posture as it Drives Away Your Pain, Tension & Fatigue. Plus... YogaBack's Active-Alert Posture Promotes Safer Driving!

Fastest Way to Order: Call 1-800-SITTING (1-800-748-8464)
or 507-252-9293

When you call, you will speak directly with physical therapist and YogaBack inventor Dennis Zacharkow. Dennis will answer your questions and take your order.

Experience YogaBack's Other Benefits...

Plus... bring your YogaBack when shopping for a new chair.

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