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September 23, 2019: The first day of Autumn, as the leaves start to fall, is also the first day when all the posture fallacies start to fall.

September 23, 2019: The publication date for Dennis Zacharkow's new book "Posture Fallacies - Exposing the Harmful Posture Misinformation from Health Professionals and the Internet".

Posture Fallacies

Exposing the Harmful Posture Misinformation
Health Professionals and the Internet

A Collection of Scientific Posture Articles by
Dennis Zacharkow, PT

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  • Publication Date: September 23, 2019
  • 178 pages, illustrated, with index, spiral bound
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Front Cover

Posture Fallacies Book - Front Cover

Back Cover

Posture Fallacies Book - Back Cover

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction 1
1.1: Good Posture and Breathing Plus a Flatter Lower Abdomen are Easy. . .Just Forget What You’ve Been Taught and Learn to Activate Your Elongation Reflex! 3
Chapter 2: Standing Posture 11
2.1: The Fallacy of Traditional Exercises to Correct a Sway Back Standing Posture 13
2.2: The Fallacy that Standing at the Computer is Healthy 24
2.3: What is the Proper Positioning of the Hands and Arms in Optimal Standing Posture? 29
2.4: Slumped Sitting Posture #1 Cause of Poor Standing Posture 31
2.5: Wall Street Journal Posture Article Misinforms 33
2.6: Seven Inhibitors to an Elongated Standing Posture 38
Chapter 3: Breathing 43
3.1: The Problems with Traditional Diaphragmatic Breathing 45
3.2: Impaired Breathing: Overuse of the Scalene Muscles 48
3.3: Don't Let Your Sitting Posture Turn You into a Shallow Breather! 51
3.4: The Fallacy of Anchoring the Rib Cage 58
Chapter 4: The Seat Surface 61
4.1: Proper Weight Bearing on the Seat Surface: The Fallacy of Coccyx Cutout Cushions 63
4.2: The Fallacy of Bucket Seats: Why They Cause Pain and Discomfort 66
Chapter 5: Motor Vehicle Seating 69
5.1: Driving with Sacral Support: The Key to Preventing a Herniated Lumbar Disc 71
5.2: Three Reasons to Avoid Driving with Lumbar Support 74
5.3: Why the Pelvis Migrates Forward on the Car Seat 79
5.4: Risks of Driving with Forward - Sloping Seats 81
5.5: Thoracic Support Driving: Posture Activator or Posture Inhibitor? 83
5.6: New Car Headrests (Head Restraints) Designed Too Far Forward: Hidden Costs are Neck/Back Pain and Distracted Driving 88
5.7: Car Backrests/Headrests: 4 Design Fallacies Causing Back and Neck Pain Driving 91
5.8: Importance of Rib Cage Stabilization for Women Drivers 96
5.9: Slumped Posture Undermines Safe Driving 99
5.10: An Elongated Posture: The Key to Faster Reaction Times 101
5.11: Sacral and Lower Thoracic Support Turn Your Commute Time into Effortless Posture Therapy Time! 104
5.12: Three Car Features to Avoid for Preventing / Relieving Back and Neck Pain 106
Chapter 6: Computer / Office / School Seating 109
6.1: Distorted Head-neck Posture: A Major Cause of Pain and Impaired Proprioception 111
6.2: Head Posture and Vision: The Fallacy of Horizontal Desks 113
6.3: How the Desk Affects Sitting Posture 117
6.4: The Fallacy of Armrests for Computer Work 119
6.5: The Fallacy of Kneeling Chairs 123
6.6: The Fallacy that Fidgeting is Healthy 126
6.7: The Fallacy that Exercise Balls Promote Healthy Sitting Posture 130
6.8: Why Lower Thoracic Support? 132
Chapter 7: Exercises 135
7.1: The Problems with Traditional Abdominal Exercises 137
7.2: The Fallacy of Sit-ups and Crunches 139
7.3: The Fallacy of Toe-Touching Exercises 144
7.4: Round Shoulders Fallacies 147
7.5: Deadlifting Fallacies: Avoiding Injury is in the Details 149
Chapter 8: Posture Analysis 153
8.1: The Fallacy that Proper Forward-Leaning Posture Requires a Forward-Sloping Seat 155
8.2: The Instability of Unsupported Sitting: Pelvic and Respiratory Factors 158
8.3: Lumbar Lordosis / Lumbar Support Fallacies 161
8.4: The Fallacy of Epidemic Hip Flexor Tightness from Prolonged Sitting 167
8.5: The Fallacy of Analyzing Posture Based on the Surface Contours of the Body 170
Index 173