Drivers Beware:
Lumbar Support Can Be Harmful To Your Health!


Why Lower Thoracic Support?

YogaBack's Adjustable Lower Thoracic Support corrects the main cause of a round back, round shoulders, and forward head posture-- the hinging forward and downward of the rib cage due to flexion of the lower thoracic spine.
    The T10 - T12 area ( just below the shoulder blades) is called the "hinge area" for spinal flexion (Figure D).


Figure D

Circle denotes area of the thoracic spine responsible for the hinging forward of the rib cage towards the pelvis. Adapted from Bennett, H.E.: School Posture and Seating. Boston, Ginn and Company, 1928.

sitting wrong

YogaBack's Lower Thoracic Support, adjustable to support any individual's T10 -T12 region...

The vast majority of individuals have never experienced the immediate and dramatic benefits of sitting with an isolated lower thoracic support. Unfortunately, most individuals have been distorting their posture and breathing for years with lumbar support and/or upper thoracic support.



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