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Women’s Epidemic Round Back Posture

•     Up to fifty-one percent of healthy women from ages twenty to sixty-four are kyphotic in their normal posture.(1)

•     Compared to younger and older age groups, the most dramatic decline in thoracic extension mobility occurs in women
        in their thirties and forties.(2)

•      Beyond approximately age forty, the rate of increase in thoracic kyphosis is much higher in women than men.(3)

•      An increased thoracic kyphosis occurs during pregnancy.(4)

•      An increased thoracic kyphosis is characteristic of women who habitually wear high-heeled shoes.(5)

•      An increased thoracic kyphosis is characteristic of women who overdevelop the upper rectus abdominis muscle with sit-ups
        and crunches.(6,7)

•      A woman’s breast development increases the forward bending moment on the thoracic spine via the rib cage.

•      A habitual postural kyphosis can play a role in bone remodeling among healthy premenopausal women.(1)

•      T11 and T12, the vertebrae located at the “hinge area” for spinal flexion, are the most frequently deformed vertebrae in
          postmenopausal women. (8)  (This T11 - T12 spinal region is the exact location of the lower thoracic support with the
          YogaBack for Driving
and the ZACKBACK Posture Chair. As a result, the hinging forward and downward of the rib cage
          is prevented, correcting a round back/round shoulders posture.)



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